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Alfred T. Harding, Ph.D.

Postdoc Al Harding (pictured with Stevie at lower right) received his Ph.D. from Duke University, where he studied influenza viruses with Nicholas Heaton. Al's work in the Gehrke lab has included studies of Zika, Powassan, Deer Tick, and Toscana viruses, where he performed CRISPR screens and RNAseq analyses of cerebral organoids infected with Zika virus strains. Al is an outdoorsman and a loyal New England Patriots fan. 

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Research Scientists

Dr. Jane-Jane Chen received her Ph.D. degree in biochemistry from UCLA.  Dr. Chen has done extensive studies of erythropoiesis and about how stress responses correlate with disruptions of protein synthesis through phosphorylation of translation initiation factor eIF2. Dr. Chen has transitioned her work to study host responses to virus infection. Her work as uncovered host responses involving the integrated stress response, unfolded protein response, and disregulated apoptosis.  


Dr. Irene Bosch is a Venezuelan biologist and virologist with long experience in studying arboviruses, including Dengue, Zika, West Nile, and Yellow Fever. She has developed technologies and reagents to build rapid antigen lateral flow diagnostic tests to detect viruses.  Dr. Bosch is a co-founder and CEO of IDx20. 

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